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Meet Rascal!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I read recently that the big white rabbit is a symbol of Easter. It's true a lot of Easter pictures do have a big white rabbit as the Easter Bunny.

It made me think of Rascal who lives here at Mary's Little Farm. He is by far the biggest rabbit we have of all of the 9 bunnies, and the only white one.

He also has reddish-pink eyes which are not common except on white rabbits.

In my curiosity I researched and read several articles about the "Easter Bunny" and 9 out of 10 were about the same, somehow linking rabbits to a pagan festival. The 10th article, rather, de-bunked all of the first nine, and made the point that rabbits and eggs are related to Easter because they are simply signs of spring . Rather than go down that "rabbit hole" I would like to share, with you, what I know and love about rabbits.

Rabbits, or bunnies, as many people like to call them are one of my favorite farm animals. They are soft and sweet and all of them have different personalities. Rascal is a neutered male, he is big and quiet and just likes to lay around. Blu is just the opposite and is the reason we just had a mess of baby bunnies! He is an escape artist and hard to catch when he gets loose. He kind of reminds me of what I was reading about Easter-" the rabbit is a sign of spring and new birth because they are so fertile". Next we have Luna, he is black, and the summer camp kids named him (Luna means moon in Spanish). He is a small rabbit, another boy, but not like Blu at all.

For the girls we have Patches, she is somewhat of a bully when it comes to sharing with the other girls and would rather be alone, but she does like to be petted and loved on. Then we have Cookies and Cream, Lola, (another summer camp name), and my favorites-"the sisters"; Zoey, Cocoa and Nala! They are so cute and adorable and love to play and be petted.

Earlier I mentioned we had an explosion of baby bunnies this spring thanks to Blu. But to be honest, we really didn't mind too much as with every litter we got to experience such an amazing journey from the little furless peanut shaped critters that moved more like a jumping bean than a bunny, into a super cute handful of fluff! Our HS students that go the school here (CRT Salesian High School) loved stopping by the barn to see how they were doing and hold the cute little things. We started referring to it as "bunny therapy"! It was interesting for me to see so many teenagers excited and eager to hold a baby bunny. Several even adopted the babies when they were old of enough.

Here at Mary Has A Little Farm we offer field trips to all schools grades K-8th grade and our mission and vision is not only that the students would gain knowledge of the farm animals but to also learn to respect and be kind to them, to be brave, to be curious and also to laugh and have fun with them.

Below I am going to share some pictures of our rabbits and I hope you enjoy them.

I also want to wish you a Happy Easter- yes the real meaning of Easter is not about the rabbit but about Jesus! He died so we might have life!

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